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Recession and Oil and Gas Workers

Are oil and gas workers affected by the current economic turmoil?  The news that went around the loop says that unlike a year ago, many projects now by oil companies are still on hold. Perhaps by the year 2010 recovery will begin. Demobilization of staff started early this year especially for QATARGAS where a lot of construction work is nearing completion. New projects are still far in sight.  Even the Asian region has its share of slow development in the oil and gas industry for this year.  However hope still shines in the Russian Region where the country of Kazakhstan offers many jobs at the moment.


Job Links and Website

To the readers of this blog, kindly send your cv’s directly to the link below, instead of posting them on the comment section.  I hope you could find jobs,  suitable to your qualifications.  Just be wary of bogus or fake recruiters or manpower agencies.  Go for direct hiring if you can.












Engineers for South Korea

NES Overseas Ltd has opening for Engineers for its South Korea project to fill the following positions:

– with Design and Onshore experience-

    Mechanical Engineer

    Electrical Engineer

    Piping Engineer 

    Senior Scheduler

    Process Engineer

    Civil/Structural Engineer

    Project Engineer

    Instrument Engineer

Kindly check their website for more info.



Technip is a worldclass company employing people in the field of engineering, technologies and construction in the oil and gas industry.

The following shows partial list of the available positions.  Please check their website below for more job opportunities in th US, Netherland, Mexico, Australia, France and Thailand  projects.

Riser Engineer/Design Engineer

Senior Engineer/Lead Engineer


Senior Subsea Process Engineer


Senior Subsea Commissioning Engineer


Senior Project Manager


Project Engineer


Subsea Systems Engineer


Shell Global Solutions in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is hiring.

Oil and Gas Job-Family Status

It just dawned on me that applying for jobs in oil and gas on family status could be very rewarding for an applicant who already has a spouse and children.  Unlike bachelor posting, family  status could be more expensive to the employers.  More so if the benefits would include relocation and educational assistance for the children if there is any.  This is a monumental undertaking and a social responsibility which might deter the employer to entertain married status application.  On the other hand they could employ both the husband and wife especially if their qualifications match the company vacancies.  For example an engineer husband   and an accountant wife could very well fit the project/operation and administration/finance requirement.  Somehow this is like a “package deal” employment. I believe companies like Qatar Petroleum is doing so.  Kudos!

Qatar Petroleum Jobs

Check out their current job vacancies for oil and gas personnel and other related field of interest.