OFW Victims

A friend has an experience applying and being employed at Seder Company.    He said that  he and his co-workers  experienced a not so good treatment with this employer.  However, much that they would like to seek help from their Philippine agency who dispatched them to Seder KSA, their complaints just fall into deaf ears. In my opinion it would be best to know the policy and management style of any company and agency where one is applying for a job. Before applying check out the reputation of the company and also deal only with good agencies that will look after the welfare of the OFW even after they are dispatched abroad.  Check the Manila Bulletin Sunday edition, Seder is hiring under the same agency where my friend fell victim of unfair labor practice, poor working condition and delayed salary by said company.  The Internet is so powerful to know   who among the Philippine Agencies are doing their job not just sipping the money of unsuspecting applicants.  Google it.

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  1. Bagong Makabayan said:

    Perhaps aside from KSA Seder, there is another construction company that Pinoys better check out really really well before signing up for a contract.

    Prainsa Saudi Arabia! AVOID THIS COMPANY!! For one, why are Pinoys told that they are going to be based on one site (on their contract) and then asked to go to another as part of their job? Shouldn’t this be clearly observed as this is stated in their contract? This is obviously a violation!

    Waht’s the housing condition like? It would seem as if workers are placed in barracks-like conditions not befitting of their worth as professionals in the field.. Perhaps, there’s MORE if you should dig deeper.

    Indeed, there should be tougher screening and solid background check on potential employers, and a clear statement of employees’ rights (are OFWs ever allowed to question and voice their concerns?or will they fall on deaf ears as well?)

    And why are passports collected by employers once OFWs get in the worksite? Goodness!

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