One of the equal opportunity employers who are supplying the Middle East Oil and Gas Industry is KBR.  Compared to salaries being offered by local Philippine employment agencies to their recruits the employees of  foreign agencies  get  very good remuneration package.  Plus you don’t have to pay placement fee, which is equivalent to one-month salary.  There are a lot of stories also wherein our local agencies in the Philippines would even deduct the airfare of the applicant.  You don’t have to worry also about illegal or fake recruitment.  Though even legal local recruiters are putting prospective applicants to some unfair labor practices once they land to their employers hands  Through direct hiring especially if you will be blessed enough to land with the best foreign agencies like Technip, or KBR/Halliburton or Velosi.  You will be taken care of very well, with free accommodation and free airfare from and to the point of origin.  Onshore and offshore engineering offers the best work cycle, where as short as 1 month work one month off is very possible, especially for offshore.  For onshore projects 3 months on and 2 weeks off is also a possibility. 


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